Custom clearance at Bandar Abbas

Customs clearance at Bandar Abbas

Bandar Abbas is one of the most important customs in Iran. This port has been the place of export and import of goods from long time ago and now it has this important commercial position. Most of ship to Iran from different countries arrives at this BND port and deliver cargoes to Bandar Abbas customs. The Bandar Abbas customs includes two main customs and shipment owners need Iranian customs broker agency for both Shahid rajaee Customs clearance and Shahid Bahonar Customs clearance. Kara co is an Iranian Customs clearance agency at Bandar Abbas.

Kara Company as an Iranian customs consultant and Iranian customs clearance agency perform customs clearance procedures, and clear the imported goods from the customs as soon as possible especially customs clearance at Bandar Abbas.

Customs clearance at Bandar Abbas

Customs clearance at Bandar Abbas

Customs clearance for perishable goods at Bandar Abbas should be carried out in the shortest possible time, Because the warm and humid weather conditions in this area can cause a lot of damage to the goods and will have a high maintenance cost for refrigerated containers. Therefore, having a qualified and experienced Iranian customs broker such as Kara Company can accelerate the process of customs formalities.

Shahid Rajaee custom and Shahid Bahonar custom are two active and full-time customs in Bandar Abbas, which due to their specific status; they have made this port a special economic zone of Iran.

These two Iranian customs work under the supervision of the customs of Iran and base in Iranian custom law, they carry out activities such as transit, export and import, product evaluation, inspection and clearance.

Shahid Rajaee which known as one of the most important Iranian customs administration is located in Hormozgan province in southern Iran and 23 kilometers from Bandar Abbas city. This port with an area of 2,400 hectares is one of the most important gateways for exporting and importing goods, especially liquid and dry bulk commodities, steel products and petroleum products. This port is one of the largest ports of the Iranian customs and trade and has the annual import and export capacity more than 70 million tons of goods.

Shahid Rajaee Port work with more than 80 major ports in the world by 35 container lines and plays an important role in the international maritime transport industry.

One of the main reasons that caused this port to be the most important gateway and origin of goods export and import to Iran is its geographical location and its proximity to the Persian Gulf crater and the Strait of Hormuz.

According to statistics and data obtained in the spring of 2015, more than two million tons of goods, equivalent to 25% of the total imported goods to Iran, have been cleared at Shahid Rajaee. This amount equals more than $ 3 billion, or 35% of the Iran total imports. These statistics show the importance and uniqueness of this custom.

The other Iranian custom that located in Bandar Abbas is Shahid Bahonar Custom. The Shahid Bahonar is located 1501 kilometers from Tehran province. The port is equipped with 12 jetty posts with a variety of applications and a capacity for accepting 125 thousand tons of export and import of goods. The warehouse area of Bahonar port is 27,000 square meters and its warehouse is 24,000 square meters. This port is one of the oldest and most active ports in the country, and based on Iranian Customs data its annual activity in the past was reaching about 8 million tons. This Iranian custom is the third port of export for the transportation of non-oil and non-passenger goods in the country. Based on Iran custom data in year the 2015, 24 million tons of goods worth more than 111 million dollars have been imported into this port.

Customs clearance in Iran and also customs clearance at Bandar Abbas needs lots of experience and information about Iran Custom rules.

Iran customs regulations, has its own intricacy, therefore if anybody tends to export goods from Iran or import goods to Iran should first consult with an Iranian business consultant such as Kara Company.