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Iran customs regulations are based on export & import regulation and Iran customs law. Iran export and import regulations, including Iran customs tariff tables based on the harmonized commodity description and coding system that will be updated each year by the Cabinet of governance which published by the trade promotion organization. Iranian customs law which approved by the Islamic consultative assembly dated 13.11.2011 and the executive ordinance of customs law approved by the council of ministers on 24.02.2013. Iran Regulations and laws are based on Islamic rules which consist of civil law and common law together. Kara Co. is one of the top Iranian customs consultants.

Another important part which affects Iran imports and exports is more than 3000 circular which publishes during a year by Iranian customs administration office. Also, there are many similar circulars in related to currency policy by Bank Markazi which affect Iran import duties and import policies.

Iranian customs consultants

Iranian customs consultants

Also, there are many products which can use exemption for Iran import duty, according to the ministry of industry, mine and trade. It depends on governance policy and related circulars which assure us the need of consulting with expert Iranian customs consultants.

Kara is an Iranian customs clearance agent which provides various services for companies doing business with Iran. Iranian business consultants and Iranian customs consultants of Kara can provide you important and necessary information about the business. Kara has a wide knowledge in the field of international trade and knows Iran market and the Iran customs organizations well.

Any international company or traders that tend to penetrate in to Iran market should gain information from the Kara, Iran trade consultant. With Kara’s advises that its Professional Iranian customs consultants provide ; international companies and traders can achieve reliable information about Iran customs , Iran tax, Iran customs tariff, Iran import duties and Iran custom law. Also with our Iranian business consultants, traders can achieve useful information about Banks, Import and.

Kara as a business consultant helps its clients to plan their strategy and marketing strategy to penetrate in the proper target market according to their suitability and blue ocean segment. Kara helps your business development matching with economy, culture and laws. Especially in trade and import export industry.

Doing Business in Iran could be a challenge for international traders, but they can have consultant in Iran with Kara’s professional consultant team and gain expert advises.

Accurate Iran market analysis helps international companies and traders to meet their goals. To Success in market, you should consider having an Iranian trade consultant such as Kara.

As an Iranian customs consultant, we help our client to develop their business in the Iranian market and we offer them the best way to trade with Iran. When you need help in Iran Customs organization our Iranian customs broker will reach your hand.

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