Iran steel tariff

Iran steel tariff : International trade has been increased widely; also the export and import process has been increasing day by day. As we know, every day billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands tons of goods are entering and leaving the Iran customs. These products are extremely various and they import to Iran due to the Iran market needs.

Iran steel tariff

Iran steel tariff

One of these imported products that use in very different industries such as marine, construction, appliance and chemical industries are steel sheets. Steel sheet, especially Stainless steel is the most popular and widely used raw material in industries because of their anti-rust and acid-proof features. Also the price of steel compared to its long life and beautiful appearance is quite logical and effective. These sheets are resistant against very high and very low temperatures and they can formed easily. Therefore, they can be used in lots of industries such as in elevators and automotive industry.

Iran steel tariff and import to iran

Stainless steel sheets import to Iran from different countries such as China, Taiwan, India, UAE and Korea. However, in recent years there have been imports of stainless steel plate from Italy and Turkey. But, based on information obtained from the Iranian customs in the year 2015, stainless steel sheets were not import to Iran from Italy and Turkey.

Steel is an alloy of iron, that chromium and nickel percent is more than its other constituent elements. When the amount of chromium steel is more than five percent, it will be stainless steel. Stainless Steel sheets are produced in different types like matte, glossy, patterned, coated, acid-proof, scratches and fireproof and they have various thicknesses from 0.04 mm to 20 mm. In recent years the stainless steel sheets are used a lot in Iran. Therefore, international traders start importing it from other countries; so in the year 2014 more than 161 million dollar stainless steel has been imported to Iran market. According to Iran customs data in the year 2014 the highest level of imports of stainless steel was from China and Iranian customs clearance companies discharged more than 70 thousand tons of cold-rolled stainless steel sheet at Iran customs.

Stainless Steel sheets or Stainless steel rolls are transported to customs of Iran in 20-foot containers through Sea or land routes and Iranian Customs clearance companies or Iranian Customs brokers will discharge it at Iran customs. There is a Customs tariff code for each commodity and Iran steel tariff for steel sheets According to Iran customs regulations and based on the type and thickness of the steel sheet is from 7219 to 722090.

But these Iranian customs tariff codes revise each year. Therefore, international companies and traders should choose an Iranian customs broker like Kara which is aware of these principles and knows Iran customs regulations. Kara is an Iranian Customs clearance company and with its professional Iranian customs consultants it can calculate Iranian customs duties properly.

Importing and clearance procedure of Stainless steel sheets in Iran is a professional job and Kara as an Iranian Customs Clearance Company has precise and experienced brokers that can release the goods from Iran customs in the possible shortest time.

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